Meet the Original Sushi Freaks

Michael Broder & Jenifer Duarte

Michael and Jenifer share more than their passion for sushi. They reside in San Diego, California where they enjoy living an active lifestyle in their beautiful beach paradise. The duo also loves exploring destinations far-and-wide, soaking in new cultures and orchestrating Sushi Freak's world domination.

The Making of Sushi Freak

The concept, for what is now known as "Sushi Freak," germinated in (of all places) the arid desert of the Southwest. Albuquerque, New Mexico -- to be exact. Among the dry beds of cacti and tumbleweeds, partners Michael Broder and Jenifer Duarte, were dreaming of fish.

The duo collaborated at the Pacific Rim Asian Bistro, where Broder was a founding partner and Duarte served as restaurant manager. They discovered the upscale eatery's marathon 160-item sushi menu still came up short. Customers routinely added and subtracted ingredients based on their unique tastes. Around the millionth custom order, Broder and Duarte's collective light bulb went off.

The partners knew customers would eat up the idea of do-it-your-way sushi in a fast and casual atmosphere. They also agreed quality and tradition would be at the core of their mission. But to accomplish that, they needed to enlist the help of a true Master Sushi Chef trained in the centuries old art. A man not even allowed to touch rice for the whole first year of training.

Enter Master Sushi Chef James "Oshi-San" Oh.

"Sushi - no rush, take time. Good sushi - not fast!" was his initial reaction to the quick, quality, customizable sushi concept.

It took many discussions, late nights and bottles of sake before Chef Oh agreed to share his time-honored expertise. But he still threatens to wield his sushi knife if his strict guidelines and masterful recipes aren't followed to a "T."

What Sushi Freak is About

Sushi Freak is where the ancient art of sushi meets the 21st century. Quality ingredients, done your way with a cool, contemporary vibe -- that's how Sushi Freak has been rolling since 2010.

Sushi Freak is the original invent-your-own sushi roll brand. With more than 40 ingredients to mix-and-match, Sushi Freak gives you the power to create an endless array of cutting-edge creations with a nod toward ancient tradition. Are you a purist or adventurist? You're only limited by your imagination!

Whether you're on-the-go or going slow - Sushi Freak has the perfect roll for every health-and wallet-conscious diner.

Be a Freak

Become a part of the sushi revolution - doing it your way!

We've come a long way since September 2010, when we converted a 1,200 sq. ft. Mexican fast-food restaurant into the hottest, healthiest restaurant concept around. As a result of overwhelming demand, we are rolling out a franchising program that will take the Sushi Freak mission worldwide.

We're on the hunt for franchise partners sold on this proven fish-focused concept. Franchising opportunities will be awarded to entrepreneurs with sharp business acumen, a guest-centered philosophy and go-for-it attitude. The nominal initial investment buys into the exploding "fast-casual" and "Asian" restaurant segments. Our streamlined, easy-to-operate business thrives in small physical spaces with low build-out and operating costs.

Franchisees can have fun and wield a sushi knife. Training is provided -- for both.
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